Council Divided Over Pedicycle Taxi Franchise

Asheville City Council is in the process of granting entrepreneur Jordan Hrivnak a franchise to operate a pedicycle taxi service downtown. Some members of council are balking because they’re afraid it would support tourists at the expense of locals.

Kindred Souls Vet Offering Acupuncture for Pets & Livestock

Acupuncture can treat anything from eye disease to gastrointestinal problems in animals.

3 Day National Arts & Crafts Conference Returns

Antique dealers, artists and artisans all have works for sale at the Arts & Crafts Conference at the Omni Grove Park Inn from February 18-20. 

Popping Up Again

Campaign finances, COVID restrictions and the fascinating history of popcorn. 

Laugh Away Gloomy Days with NC Stage Company

The many antics of Bertie Wooster and Jeeves are found in the latest play at NC Stage Company which will open February 2. Hopefully laughter will help to blow your and the world’s troubles away. Due to the need for additional seat spacing in the theatre, tickets are limited.

Maybin Retires, Ends 15-Season MLB Career

Asheville native Cameron Maybin, who recently retired from pro baseball, won a world title and made history with one of MLB’s longtime franchises.

Out-of-State Anarchists Agitate Police Dept.

Anarchists supporting drug abuse in encampments for the homeless are trying to make trouble for the defunded Asheville Police Department. Citizens are trying to fight back with a referendum for a binding resolution to refund the department.

Tracking Bugs & Bug Bears

Federal agencies and states are scrambling to determine succinct COVID policies as the virus rages on.

Rockets Blast Past Rams in Hoops Showdown

Reynolds-Roberson sport rivalries usually produce much “AC-TC” electricity. Student fans of both sides roared for their teams Friday.

Pfaff: Decarceration Requires Tough Decisions

Criminologist John F. Pfaff says (without mass changes in personal choices) prison populations will not go down significantly until prosecutors change their minds about who goes to jail and citizens support more rehabilitating treatments for violent offenders.