Is Asheville Planning More Police Defunding?

To date, the City of Asheville appears to have done little, besides conveying a sense of withdrawn support, to appease the vocal minority clamoring for defunding the police. Strides in that direction were, however, swiftly taken to comply with new state legislation.

WNC Natives React to Chauvin Sentence

Chauvin’s recent sentencing garners various opinions about how people should approach the subject.

Defund Loses Zest as Asheville Budget Passes

Asheville City Council approved its budget with Kim Roney opposed. Roney wanted more equity and tax relief and would have preferred to freeze 30 police vacancies.

ROAR Response to County’s Pro-Law Resolution

An interest group issued a statement of disapproval of the Madison County Sheriff’s recent hiring of a fired APD officer.

Activists Disparaging Over $2 Million in Reparations

After Asheville City Council committed $2.1 million toward unspecified reparations, a handful of activists demanded another $30 million to zero out the police department’s budget. 

Lawlessness must stop so that people can live their lives peaceably

On September 23, while exercising his First Amendment rights (freedom of the press) to cover another First Amendment right event (assembly), Skyline News’ Chad Nesbitt was seriously injured and remains in the hospital.

Council exonerated in internal probe; public asks ‘what’s the point?’

Asheville City Council originally wanted to contract for an independent review of police action during the local protests undertaken in George Floyd’s name, but they were dissuaded by the $80,000 price tag. So, they settled for the attorney’s review and a separate after-action report to be completed by the Asheville Police Department.

My first sporting event since the era of BLM & COVID-19

I watched my first sporting event since the era of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and COVID-19 began, and I thought I’d relate my impressions of my viewing experience.

Former congressman from the area Mark Meadows rips riots

Mark Meadows Meadows called some BLM protestors’ attacks on people and property “appalling.”

Asheville’s latest response to protesters

A resolution scheduled for adoption by Asheville City Council June 14 stated that slavery, forced segregation, and destruction of functional minority communities in the name of urban renewal are wrong.