Commissioner wants more Money for Conservation

Buncombe County Commissioner Terri Wells would like to increase the amount of taxpayer dollars subsidizing conservation easements to $750,000 annually.

Asheville Board of Adjustment, Working 9-9

In a routine update, Martin Moore, chair of the board of adjustment, informed the Buncombe County Commissioners that, after signing up for 2.5 hours a month, the board of volunteers was now enduring multiple monthly meetings, some lasting more than nine hours.

County Acts on Reimagining Police

Following the holiday break, public comment at the Buncombe County Commissioners’ meeting was not so overwhelming.

County Reviews COVID’s Economic Impact

At a budget retreat the Buncombe County Commissioners held on December 10, staff reported that the impacts of COVID-19 on the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020, were not that bad.

Plowshares/Pruning Hooks a Federal Matter

The Buncombe County Commissioners  agreed to a $27 million tax abatement agreement with Pratt & Whitney after about 30 citizens complained they did not want local government enabling a multimillion multinational manufacturer of tools of war.

Commissioners Honor Four

The Buncombe County Commissioners recognized the contributions of four outstanding community leaders in their retirement.

Big Incentives Offered In P&W Development

P&W intends to use the Asheville facility to manufacture its patented geared turbofan (GTF) engines.

Commissioners Addressing Full Plate of Crises

At their last work session, the Buncombe County Commissioners heard several reports about the extraordinary actions the county is taking in response to these extraordinary times.

Buncombe county government reviews current shutdown statistics

The Buncombe County Commissioners’ last briefing began mildly, with an update from Health Director Stacie Saunders on local COVID-19 statistics.

Time to address the desperately in need

Local government is doing a lot, rightly, for urban and youthful populations, but what about the panhandlers on just about every highway interchange?