Commissioners Puzzle Over Gov. Funds

The Buncombe County Commissioners flexed their powers to spend federal money on affordable housing and Pre-K, local taxpayer dollars on an aggressive bond program for affordable housing & green spaces, as well as tourists' dollars on basic government services.

County Proposes $99M for Housing

Buncombe County is doubling down on subsidizing housing for persons earning as much as 120 percent AMI. Not only economics and date, but ethics suggest this is not going to work.

Buncombe’s 2022-2023 Budget Richly Subsidized

Conversations from the Buncombe County Commissioners’ first budget worksession for the 2022-2023 fiscal year indicate the commissioners, awash with funding from ARPA, the opioid settlement, Hurricane Fred relief, HCA, etc., need help from the public deciding how to spend it all. Focus areas selected by the commissioners include broad categories like “affordable housing” and “climate and environmental solutions.”

Community Planning with Equity Lens Proving Expensive

Buncombe County received two $500,000 grants from the Dogwood Health Trust, pending formal acceptance. Both would pertain to opioid interdiction: one would support planning with an equity lens, and the other would support a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) team.

County Comm. Responds to Farm Fires

Buncombe County Commissioner Terri Wells, who lives in Leicester and represents the area, when asked to respond to the farm fires replied, “It has been a long week with a lot of loss in our community with the passing of dear family friends, as well as the barn fires. Our farmers have suffered a significant […]

Buncombe County Addresses Dysfunctional Gov.

The commissioners discussed problems getting people to work in its Internal Audit Department and fortifying its anti-nepotism policy. Both were pivotal in reforms following the detection of extensive fraud perpetrated by former county leaders.

Council Approves Another MHO Refinancing

Even though Buncombe County presumably stumbled upon a more efficient strategy for creating subsidized housing, Asheville City Council prefers to rubber-stamp Mountain Housing Opportunities’ refinancing agreements.

Buncombe Commissioners Slow-Walk Distributions

The Buncombe County Commissioners opted to extend the August 31 deadline for awarding ARPA grants. One exception was made to immediately fund Homeward Bound’s Days Inn project.

County, Hospital Disagree on “the Science”

Vaccine-only concerts, $100 cash card incentives, kids’ cartoon characters with swag, chastising HCA Mission’s chief medical officer - what won’t the government do to get people vaccinated?

You Heard the Pros, Here’s Some Cons: Pre-K

In many high-dollar decisions being made by local government, the public is presented with only one side of the argument. While government is away on summer vacation, these commentaries will at least scrape the surface of the other side.