Asheville’s Fentanyl Response Bordering On Absurd

Local government's response to the fentanyl crisis, in which 150 people are dying each day in this country, is to drag its feet about deferring the responsibility of how to spend funds.

A Decision King Soloman Might Find Difficult

The Weaverville Town Council is about to make a tough decision next month. One I would not look forward to if I was in their shoes. One that will make them “put their money where their mouth is,” so to speak. I’m talking about whether or not to provide water to a low-income housing project […]

Buncombe GOP Picks Former Democrat, Replacing Their Sheriff Candidate

Buncombe GOP picks former Democrat to run in Jeff Worley's place. Worley dropped out due to what he said were health reasons.

Tax Inequity: Designer “Urban3” Demanding Explanations

Joe Minicozzi and Ori Baber presented to the Buncombe County Commissioners a dissenting opinion directed at the recommendations the county was going to receive from its ad hoc committee.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest, Does it Make a Sound?

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it fall, does it make a sound? I think we all know the answer to this question. Just because no one is there to hear it doesn’t change the characteristics of the falling tree. The same goes for Weaverville Town Councilwoman […]

City and County Suing Mission Hospital

Litigation filed by high-power attorneys working on behalf of the City of Asheville and Buncombe County against HCA Mission reads rather light-weight and undirected.

Woodfin Hears Presentation Asking Support of $70M in Bond Referendums

Anna Zuevskaya and Marc Hunt made representations at the Woodfin Town Commissioners' monthly meeting.

Should Voters Vote ‘Yes’ on $70M in Bond as Recession Looms?

Buncombe County has two bond referendums on the ballot for this November. One is for the taxpayers to borrow $30 million in support of open space conservation, which includes farmland, natural landscapes, water quality, trails, and greenways. Another $40 million bond will go to increase the number of housing units for people of low to […]

Designer Urban3’s Finding Still Being Disputed

The experts disagree on whether or not Buncombe County's tax assessment tool is causing taxes to unfairly go up more in disadvantaged neighborhoods than in wealthy enclaves, and the general public is told the reasons are too complicated to explain.

Candidates Vying for State House & Senate

Candidate hopefuls are gunning for incumbents’ seats. Voters will decide who will take on office-holders in the upcoming primary.