Candidates Vying for State House & Senate

Candidate hopefuls are gunning for incumbents’ seats. Voters will decide who will take on office-holders in the upcoming primary.

Is the Buncombe DA Breaking the Law?

The Fourth Circuit of Appeals determined that a Facebook account used by a public official to keep the public informed of their activities while in office must allow comments of all opinions, even ones criticizing job performance.

Edwards Running for Buncombe DA Seat

Doug Edwards has worked in the Buncombe County DA’s office for over 10 years. Now he wants to run it. 

Buncombe Engages Redistricting Representation

Statewide redistricting remains in litigation, causing concerns over whether it will be possible to hold fair elections in a timely manner.

Really, Is it That Big of a Deal to Get an Address?

After the Buncombe Co. Sheriff’s home burned down, he listed it as his primary residence in organization documents.

Where Does the Buncombe Co. Sheriff Live?

What seemed to be a simple question, ‘where does the Buncombe County Sheriff live since his home was burned?’ has yet to be answered.

UCR Crime Statistic Tells a Different Story

Spurred by a press release from the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department, the Tribune takes a closer look at crime stats. 

Civil Grand Jury to Hold Gov’t Reponsible

The Tribune received a tip about Constitutional action underway to cause the schoolboard to stop making children wear masks.

10th Annual Reuse Contest Underway

Habitat for Humanity is again hosting their ReStore ReUse DIY contest.

Field of Buncombe Candidates Set

Thomas Veasey’s last-minute filing upset the other Weaverville Town Council candidates’ plans.