Leadership Asheville Forum Learns about the State of the City

Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer spoke to members of the Leadership Asheville Forum at a luncheon of the State of the City at the Country Club of Asheville. Unfortunately County Chair Brownie Newman who had been scheduled to speak was unable to attend due to a medical emergency.

Mayor Gives Informal State of City

As the elected leader of the City of Asheville, Mayor Esther Manheimer felt compelled to remind certain people with a history of disregarding law and order about the importance of living together amicably and respectfully and appreciating the rights of everyone to go about their business with a sense of safety.

Council Debates Water Equity

Asheville City Council approved rate changes for the next fiscal year. They mostly followed staff recommendations, except they wanted to postpone voting on residential water rates until manufacturers and other high-volume water users could be made to shoulder more of the costs of running the system.