Like Fine Wines, Town Centers Develop Over Time

Woodfin citizens look to build a town center.

…But I Did Stay at a Holiday Inn Express

Covering the City of Asheville’s Civil Service Grievance Board hearing last week on the dismissal of five employees over the city’s COVID-19 policy, I was reminded of a series of Holiday Inn Express commercials. 

Lack of Knowledge Can Make You Look Stupid

Some of the public who spoke at the Woodfin Board of Commissioners meeting lacked knowledge about the general proceedings of the town.

My Observations from Sheriff Miller’s Meeting

I attended Buncombe Sheriff Quentin Miller’s listening event Thursday evening at the Sandy Mush Community Center for the newspaper. Miller was short on answers but to give him credit, he was willing to be honest with the group, saying that he did know or have the answer. He brought staff and officers to help answer […]

They Keep Moving the Goal Post

COVID-19 experts are constantly switching up health guidelines.