Here’s a bit about a couple of things

Just a bit about a couple of things.

Student Nurses Helping with Vaccinations

Nursing students have volunteered at clinics in Madison and Yancey counties, administering shots and assisting with administrative needs.

34 National Arts & Crafts Conference Virtual

The Arts and Crafts Conference, usually held at the Grove Park Inn, will be virtual this year.

Vaccine Distribution in Question

Red counties may be being denied equal vaccine distribution, says State Senator Chuck Edwards (R-Henderson) and Representative Jake Johnson (R-Transylvania).

Sliding Into 2021

Marshall Scouts re-unite to snowboard, ski at Wolf Laurel after 2020 Year of COVID-19

Red Cross Requests Blood Drive Space

There have been no reported cases of people getting SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from a blood transfusion.

Has Anyone Seen the Supply Side, Yet?

COVID, economic devastation from the government’s response, rioting provocateurs, and more rock-bottoms falling out expected for 2021 have forced even limited-government types to look to Big Government solutions for their daily lives.

State Near Bottom on Distributing COVID Vaccine

Locals wondering when it will be their turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine might be in for a wait as the Cooper Administration seems to be on a slow rollout of the vaccine. 

County Readies for Surprises in Vax Rollout

Now in the vaccination stage, concerns have shifted away from isolation and PPE manufacture, distribution, and installation.

County Leadership Urges Personal Responsibility

The following represents the latest COVID updates as Buncombe County offices closed for the weekend.