County Acts on Reimagining Police

Following the holiday break, public comment at the Buncombe County Commissioners’ meeting was not so overwhelming.

Enka Eager to Make Volleyball Playoffs

Volleyball playoffs start next week, with second-ranked T.C. Roberson eager for a state title and quarantined West Henderson as well as North Henderson also poised for title quests.

PS: Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

I received an email from a former reader the other day. I say former as he was canceling his subscription to the paper because of somethings he read.

Justice System still Working

The wheels of justice turn slowly and during COVID-19 they’ve all but come to a stop. 

COVID-19 Reality Versus Public Policy

Political Agendas Are Distorting Public Perception and Policy.

New Executive Director Familiar Face

The new executive director for Emerald Ridge Rehab and Care Center is an old familiar face, Tom Hager.

County Reviews COVID’s Economic Impact

At a budget retreat the Buncombe County Commissioners held on December 10, staff reported that the impacts of COVID-19 on the fiscal year ending June 30, 2020, were not that bad.

Increase Alcohol Sales has Drawbacks

Remember all those increases in alcohol sales the Tribune has reported on in the past months? Well, every rose has its thorns and it looks like there are some negative effects from all that drinking.

Not Everyone Fairing Well Thru Pandemic

Buncombe County Tax Collector Keith Miller isn’t the only analyst describing the skyrocketing housing market as “crazy.”

Keller Williams holds Christmas event

On Friday, December 19th, Christmas Spirit filled Main Street in Downtown Weaverville. The Weaverville Keller Williams office held a night of Christmas Joy, including Christmas lights and Santa Claus.