What Research Reveals About COVID-19 Vaccines & Adverse Effects

As new studies come out from around the world, the official story of "safe and effective" looses its shine.

How Asheville Is Spending ARPA Funds

The City of Asheville has disbursed $7 million of the $24.9 million awarded from ARPA in 2021. Now, it has contracted with Baker Tilly to determine where another $4.7 million will be spent.

…But I Did Stay at a Holiday Inn Express

Covering the City of Asheville’s Civil Service Grievance Board hearing last week on the dismissal of five employees over the city’s COVID-19 policy, I was reminded of a series of Holiday Inn Express commercials. 

Popping Up Again

Campaign finances, COVID restrictions and the fascinating history of popcorn. 

Tracking Bugs & Bug Bears

Federal agencies and states are scrambling to determine succinct COVID policies as the virus rages on.

ABC Meeting Centers on COVID Vax Policy

The Weaverville ABC Board met to determine whether to offer employees bonuses for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Vaccination Intrigue & Outrage

The United States government is hastily pushing citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and booster. 

Town Planning Policy to Push Employees to Vax

Weaverville Town Council workshops on how to push town employees to get vaccinated. 

Annexation, Vaccination Discussed at Meeting

Town looks to use a “carrot and stick” policy to encourage employees to get vaccinated.

Weaverville Expands Online Meetings

Weaverville Town Council goes online to allow more excess to their meetings