Vaccination Intrigue & Outrage

The United States government is hastily pushing citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and booster. 

Town Planning Policy to Push Employees to Vax

Weaverville Town Council workshops on how to push town employees to get vaccinated. 

Annexation, Vaccination Discussed at Meeting

Town looks to use a “carrot and stick” policy to encourage employees to get vaccinated.

Weaverville Expands Online Meetings

Weaverville Town Council goes online to allow more excess to their meetings 

Choosing Between a Jab or Your Job

Since when is it ok to make people choose between their job and taking an ineffective vaccine?

Undaunted, COVID Continues to Inconvenience

Hopefully, perhaps unrealistically, the government is paying attention so the next pandemic will not involve a protracted string of changing inconveniences.

Confirmed COVID Cases at North Henderson High

Lab results confirmed recent cases of COVID-19 that are epidemiologically linked.

Why Are NC Residents Hesitant About Vaccine?

Even in the midst of an increase in COVID cases caused by the Delta variant, North Carolinians are hesitant about getting the vaccin. A survey by QuoteWizard might shed some light on why. According to the survey released Thursday (Aug. 12), there are a number of reasons that only 47 percent of the state’s residents […]

Buncombe Awards First $11.3M in ARPA Funds

Buncombe County received 141 applications for $50.7 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds. They announced the first $11.3 million in awards.

Too Much Money Falling from the Sky”

After the City of Asheville spent through its first tranche of COVID relief funding and into the second, the floor opened for public comment on how the balance of funds should be appropriated.