Glass Artists Create Exhibit Reflecting Geometry of Nature

Artists have recognized the geometry of nature for thousands of years. Using glass as a media 18 artists have produced stunning works of art which reflect the symmetry in all its beauty, majesty and complexity.

Bonsai as Fine Art Exhibit Sure to Intrigue

The Blue Spiral Gallery in downtown Asheville and The N.C. Arboretum will be having a first-of-its-kind 10 day exhibition from June 2 - 11th of Bonsai. Special events and educational programs are planned.

Buckminster Fuller’s Plans to Save the Planet Exhibit

R. Buckminster Fuller’s creations and designs are brought to Western North Carolina as part of the exhibition Altruistic Genius: Buckminster Fuller’s Plans to Save the Planet, which also informs visitors about Fuller’s engineering, mathematics, and housing solutions for the sustainability of people and the planet. The show is divided into three sections: Inventions; Synergetics; and […]