Scott Crawford: Genesis Account Offers Best Origin Explanation

Those who leave the creation of the universe to chance, randomness, evolution, and without God must also believe that a tornado can hit a junkyard and create a fully functional car with a new paint job and complete interior. Good luck with that.

Groups and Families Honor Revolutionary War Soldiers

Resting just a few feet apart in the cemetery behind the church on a scenic ridge are the graves of James Anderson (1740–1814) and Edmond Palmer (1747–1835), both distinguished soldiers of the War of Independence.

Blessing of the Bikes at Mills River Presbyterian Church

Mills River Presbyterian Church will hold a Blessing of the Bikes for motorbikes, bicycles, and children's tricycles on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at 10:30 a.m.Blessing of the Bikes at Mills River Presbyterian Church

The Truth of the Resurrection

Easter is upon us, and it’s one of two annual special holidays for Christians. Christians celebrate it as the time when Christ arose from the dead. Doubters claim many reasons not to believe in the resurrection, from the belief that Jesus never existed to that he only fainted on the cross and never really died […]