Asheville is Not Meeting its Police Obligations

A primary duty of the government is to protect the citizens. The City of Asheville is not meeting this obligation! Residents are not safe on their own streets. Some business owners are sleeping in their stores at night to protect their establishments from burglars. Many who work in downtown are in fear when they leave […]

Whitmire Arrest: APD Officers Exonerated After Body Cam Video Released

DA Todd Williams stated, "I have determined that at this time, there is no probable cause that an excessive use of force by law enforcement officers occurred that would require referral of this arrest to the NC SBI for criminal investigation.”

APD Chief Zack Discusses Staffing, Reputation

Asheville City Council's annual retreat provided an unexpected opportunity for Police Chief David Zack to discuss what he thinks he needs to get the force adequately staffed.

Catch-22 in Patrolling US 23/Future 26

At a meeting with the Woodfin Town Council, Police Chief Michael Dyke was questioned about his department's response to accidents and speeding drivers on the section of US 19/Future I-26 that passes through Woodfin.

Town Tackles Stormwater, Query Police Patrols On Future I26

At Woodfin's February monthly meeting, the council took on their police department's patrolling of US 19/Future I-26 and implemented a new stormwater ordinance, among other items.

The Asheville Coalition for Public Safety Speaks Out

Editor’s Note: This was written by Bailey Stockwell. Good afternoon, Council and Commissioners, We hope the below will effectively convey some of our thoughts on the latest National Alliance to End Homelessness presentation. The recommendations are printed in bold, and our collective thoughts are highlighted afterwards in yellow. We feel this appears to be an […]

Edwards Believes Buncombe County is Doing Well

"In the last four years, I think we have made such big strides in... increasing transparency to Buncombe County and to really dig deep into issues that are brought forward."

Budd & Beasley Clash on Crime in U.S. Senate Race

Can Budd succeed Burr, or will Beasley win the senatorial race?

“Madison Doesn’t Want Any Part of Asheville”

Madison County residents vocalized their support for law enforcement.