WNC Super PAC Used Questionable Practices to Smear Reps. Cawthorn and Beobert

Mo Davis, who lost to Cawthorn in 2020, is co-founder of Super PAC seemingly formed solely to smear candidates they don't like.

In Case You Missed It

Fact-checking on the internet­—can you trust everything you read? Also, NC removed hundreds-of-thousands of inactive voters from voter registration rolls.

Decorated Veteran Seeking Cawthorn’s Seat

Fresh out of the military, Honeycutt hopes to make his next move to Congress to help govern in the country he’s been protecting.

Illegals Getting Free Airfare?

U.S. Rep. Cawthorn Introduces “No Fly for Illegals Act”

Cawthorn Announces Service Academy Nominations

Representative Cawthorn honored local students who have been nominated to a service academy.

Cawthorn Sharing Concerns: Economy & Protests

Madison Cawthorn, 25, is the Republican candidate for the 11th District in N.C.

Clashes Over Police Funding & Ongoing Protests

Congressional candidates Madison Cawthorn and Moe Davis clashed over police funding and protests, in recent debates.

Intense Differing on Economy & Health Care

Congressional candidates Moe Davis and Madison Cawthorn sparred in recent debates, over insuring illegal immigrants and other health care and economic issues ahead of the election on Nov. 3.

Vandals attack nearby Republican centers

The Henderson County Republican Headquarters, Madison Cawthorn’s residence, as well as many signs and large billboards throughout Henderson and Transylvania counties were vandalized.

Cawthorn now a darling of GOP & media

Once the outsider and longshot at being the Republican nominee for the 11th Congressional District race, Madison Cawthorn is now the darling of the GOP and media.