Contentious Project Approved by Planning & Zoning

JoAnn Cahill is now able to develop her 50 acres into a vacation rental complex with cabins not to exceed 1,200 square feet.

Guilty: Teacher Convicted of Assaulting Student

A two-day trial ends with the conviction of a special needs teacher found guilty of assaulting one of her students,

Turmoil Can’t be Good for Faith in Government

I first told the Weaverville Town Council, and then the Woodfin Town Commissioners, in commentaries last year that I’m not a fan of appointing people to the boards close to an election. Weaverville has gotten away with it twice, once with Jeff McKenna and then with John Chase. Woodfin Dilemma And now, Woodfin’s appointment has […]

Madison School Board Misbehaving, Says Candidate

Madison County School Board candidate Vickie Hollifield says the board is not following state law, and its own rules.

Former County Candidate Sues Blogger

It’s said in politics if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, but one candidate is taking a blogger to court. Do they have legal grounds to do so?

Concern Over Personnel Leaving Madison Medics

Citizens’ concern over the loss of experienced personnel at Madison Medic sparks a closer look for the reason.

Madison Parents React to Mask Mandate

Madison County School Board reversed a mask-optional decision.

New Murder Mystery Hits Close to Home

Auman’s book suspensfully details the 1983 Madison County murders. 

Forgotten Places: Barnard in Madison County

Named for Job Barnard, Barnard County’s remote area dates back to 1830.

Local Students Receive Scholarships

Three local students received a generous scholarship for higher education.