Masks Reveal Parallel Governments

The Tribune received a tip about Constitutional action underway to cause the schoolboard to stop making children wear masks. As it turned out, citizens had been acting on their own authority to try the government. Even more astounding, these de jure grand juries of sovereign citizens who are forming their own parallel governments are proliferating in this country.

Citizens Call for School Board Abolishment

Some Buncombe County parents are unhappy with mask mandates,

Madison Parents React to Mask Mandate

Madison County School Board reversed a mask-optional decision.

Masks: School Board Shuts out Parents

Concerned BCS parent Tamara Parker addresses the mask mandate in schools.

How Are Police Enforcing Mask Orders?

NC Governor Roy Cooper, back from a re-election win in the 2020 election, has in Executive Order #180 tightened mask restrictions giving local law enforcement the power to fine businesses not following the mandate.