Scott Crawford: Genesis Account Offers Best Origin Explanation

Those who leave the creation of the universe to chance, randomness, evolution, and without God must also believe that a tornado can hit a junkyard and create a fully functional car with a new paint job and complete interior. Good luck with that.

Book Offers Dark Picture of Post-Christian America

This 280-page book, Lutzer first explains how we reached this point in America.

One Nation Under Judges: Part 4

Editor’s Note: The author has extended the series by an additional 2 parts. The One Nation Under Judges series will continue until issue 34. Congress has the power, providing it has the will Article III empowers Congress to establish lower courts subordinate to the Supreme Court and to determine the original and appellate jurisdiction of […]

When the Foundations are Destroyed

A look at what is destroying our country from a spiritual perspective and what can be done about it.