Deregulation Good for Mom-and-Pop Shops?

Now, as ever, economies thrive when left to the creative genius of each individual, with government intervening only to enforce criminal activity already on the books. Why, then, do so many government officials want to jump-start the economy with tax-funded jobs, food, housing, and more?

Resident Thankful to Senator Chuck Edwards and Mark Pless

Barnardsville resident singles out North Carolina Senator and State Representatives for their diligence addressing a local bridge.

Dealing With Fake News

In today's context of mass confusion and outright lies, Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West's On Bulls**t doesn't teach anything new about logical fallacies. Rather, it vindicates and perhaps emboldens the reader to take a stance for reality.

Hendersonville Fire Department Welcomes Ted Williams as Fire Marshal

The Hendersonville Fire Department welcomes Ted Williams as Fire Marshal in the City of Hendersonville. Fire Marshal Williams joins Hendersonville’s Life Safety Division after serving for seven years as the Town of Weaverville Fire Chief. “Fire Marshal Williams brings valuable knowledge and experience to this position,” said Hendersonville Fire Chief D. James Miller. “His deep […]

Gun Manufacturer Offering Comfortable Concealed-Carry Options

Cosaint Arms looks to optimize the concealed carry experience so that gun owners are always holstering a sidearm.

Superb Pianist Tavernier Performing Two Local Concerts

Classical pianist prodigy Christopher Tavernier will soon perform in two local concerts.

Walk Hendo: Pedestrian Plan Emerging

The City of Hendersonville seeks public input to guide policies to make downtown and other areas even more accessible and attractive to pedestrians.

Chestnut Mountain Golf Course Welcoming New Members

The former High Vista Golf Club has become a semi-private golf club called the Chestnut Mountain Golf Club in Mills River and is seeking members from throughout the area.

First Baptist Church Celebrating 100 Years in Community Service

First Baptist Church of Weaverville celebrated its hundredth year anniversary this past weekend with three days of festivities.

Lion’s Club Holds its Biggest Annual Car Show

Weaverville Primary School was the locale for the Lion's Club's annual auto showcase.