Commissioners Approve Half-a-Million in Reparations

Despite requests to make perpetual reparations payments as a percentage of Buncombe County's annual budget, the commissioners agreed with Al Whitesides to pay $500,000 with an escalator for inflation. Also, the funds will not be paid in perpetuity, because when the day comes that equity is achieved, reparations won't be needed anymore.

Woodfin Hears Presentation Asking Support of $70M in Bond Referendums

Anna Zuevskaya and Marc Hunt made representations at the Woodfin Town Commissioners' monthly meeting.

Should Voters Vote ‘Yes’ on $70M in Bond as Recession Looms?

Buncombe County has two bond referendums on the ballot for this November. One is for the taxpayers to borrow $30 million in support of open space conservation, which includes farmland, natural landscapes, water quality, trails, and greenways. Another $40 million bond will go to increase the number of housing units for people of low to […]

Looking at Old ETJ, Town Planning Expansion

The Town of Weaverville looks to revive these ETJ areas to examine potential growth area locations within the former ETJ. The matter came up at the town's July workshop.

One Nation Under Judges: Part 2

Chronicle the events leading to the usurpation of the Constitution by the country's courts.

Designer Urban3’s Finding Still Being Disputed

The experts disagree on whether or not Buncombe County's tax assessment tool is causing taxes to unfairly go up more in disadvantaged neighborhoods than in wealthy enclaves, and the general public is told the reasons are too complicated to explain.

Art Walk: Get BEARings on Main

This is the 20th free summer outdoor art walk in Downtown Hendersonville.

Enjoying Wine in Bullington’s Dahlia Garden

Bulllington Gardens has a full array of activities this summer for all ages and interests. They are now offering the public to come and enjoy a "Wee Wine & Dahlias" with friends in their dahlia gardens as a special summer treat.

Super Heroes and Super Horses

Saturday, July 16, hundreds of folks turned out to watch the $75,000 Grand Prix show jumping.

People Having Creative Fun in “Chalk it Up!”

Chalk art emerged along Main Street sidewalk.