911 Observance Being Held at Lake Louise

Weaverville will hold its annual 9/11 observance at 11 a.m. on Monday, September 12th at Lake Louise. In the event of inclement weather, the event will take place at the Community Center above the lake. The speaker will be Joe Krebbs, a retired decorated battalion chief of the NYFD. Mr. Krebbs spent three days at […]

A Decision King Soloman Might Find Difficult

The Weaverville Town Council is about to make a tough decision next month. One I would not look forward to if I was in their shoes. One that will make them “put their money where their mouth is,” so to speak. I’m talking about whether or not to provide water to a low-income housing project […]

Traffic Calming Measures Coming to Lake Louise

Among other matters discussed at the Weaverville Town Council in August were traffic calming measures for the Lake Louise area. Read that and more actions in this article.

Loading Docks Booting Bike Lanes

The City of Asheville had planned to get bike lanes on the north end of Biltmore Avenue with state funds as the North Carolina Department of Transportation restripes the road. Property owners and tenants, however, told the city they had a far more urgent need.

‘Mach Ten’: Rockets are Fast, Hungry

Reynolds wants to regain status as Top Gun, by shooting down all MAC rivals.

Council Takes Money, Debates How It Was Obtained

Members of Asheville City Council used the opportunity presented by having to approve recommendations for asset forfeiture allocations as an opportunity to publicly criticize the federal policy.

Asheville Mayor and County Board Chair Speak at LAF Forum

Of great importance to county and city citizens is the current information and plans for the coming year by both the city and the county. The two, Mayor Manheimer and County Board Chairman Brownie Newman, spoke during a luncheon given by LAF and presented their budgets and plans.

Erwin to Light Up Scoreboards

The Warriors will score many points. How many the defense yields determines success.

West is Best: Falcons Beat Bearcats 34-20

West Falcons turned the community of Mills River into a “Thrills Reservoir” with an impressive triumph.

Reigning MAC Champ Asheville Wants More

The Cougars see themselves as predators again, to hunt another league crown.