Manheimer Addresses Lingering Water Concerns

Speaking before the Buncombe County Commissioners, Asheville's Mayor Esther Manheimer answered almost every question posed in an article in last week's Tribune. Those that remain unanswered will be addressed by a committee that is soon to be formed.

The First Rule of Public Information Officers: Never Lie

Along with being a reporter, editor, and publisher for the newspaper, I also volunteered for years as a public affairs/public information officer with the Civil Air Patrol. For those who know nothing about the Civil Air Patrol, or CAP for short, it is the official auxiliary of the US Air Force. They have a rank […]

Local GOPers Seek Censure of US Senators

Local conservative group starts censure move for the state's US Senators.

Reparations Are Not the Answer

What is it about reparations that seems to create so much confusion, love, or downright hostility? It’s a topic that shuns debate because it is founded on gut feelings and emotion, with very little rational thought underpinning it. Rational thought has no home here. As Elon Musk said, “It is easy to fool people, but […]

Newman Seeking Recycling Efficiencies

When Waste Pro came before the commissioners as part of the execution of a discretionary clause for an off-cycle rate increase, Buncombe County Commission Chair Brownie Newman was intent on finding greater efficiencies. So intent was he that he invited citizen Don Yelton to the podium to discuss alternatives.

Mine & Yours Resale Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

With inflation soaring, consignment shopping is trending, and Mine & Yours Asheville Resale is celebrating their 22nd anniversary of assisting local buyers, sellers, and charities. It's a win-win business model.

Local Activists Weigh in on “Buncombe Decides”

Ben Williamson doesn’t need to be ‘the guy’ who spearheads change in the way tourism revenues are used in Buncombe County—he doesn’t have a big ego. But with his new organization, Buncombe Decides, he’s leading the way for now. He told the Tribune Papers that the point of the organization was to enact change to […]

UnBEARable Clash of Critter and Car

A distinguished local outdoor athlete and conservationist is pushing for level walking paths for wild animals to use to safely cross the local interstate highway.

Annual Winter Oysters & Champagne Party

All Day Darling is bringing back their annual Winter Oysters and Champagne Party on Sunday, January 29. The open-house style festivities will welcome attendees to stop in anytime between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. to enjoy champagne and wine from Advintage Wine, raw oysters on the half shell, lobster rolls, hot dogs from Right There […]

Buncombe Sheriff’s Spokesman Covers Up Protest

Buncombe County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Aaron Sarver has been caught distributing misinformation to the news media.