Trump Holds Enthusiastic Rally in Pickens, SC, Amid Legal Woes & Record Turnout

Over 75,000 people from multiple states gathered, despite the 93 degree heat, to see President Donald Trump speak at his first Southern rally—swelling the population for that one day by more than 1500%.

Camp Sequoyah: A Legacy of Growth, Memories & Reunion

Discover the rich legacy and enduring spirit of Camp Sequoyah, where generations of boys forged lifelong memories and a profound sense of purpose amidst the beauty of nature—now, its alumni strive to preserve the past and shape a future of renewed dreams and traditions.

Buncombe County Commissioners Approve Grant for Medicated Assistance Treatment Program, Buncombe County Commissioners

In this era of transparent and democratic government, the addition of critical-deadline items to public meeting agendas after members of the public have any chance to respond has become more of a feature than a bug. Bending the rules to accommodate 11th-hour requests rejects the adage that, "None of us is as smart as all of us."

‘Super Cooper’ King Earns Prestigious Scholarship

Hendersonville High School new graduate Cooper King is the sole male recipient of a scholarship awarded for academics, character and community service.

A Profound Loss: Remembering Ricky Boone and Magic Central

What made Magic Central, a small shop in Woodfin, a truly magical place is now cloaked in a profound sense of loss. Ricky Boone, the beloved and charismatic proprietor of Magic Central in Woodfin, motivational speaker, and local magician, recently departed this world, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be etched in the hearts […]

Budget Decision: Buncombe Co. Raises Tax Rate to Support Teacher Pay Raises Amidst Challenges

At the last minute, the Buncombe County Commissioners responded to public outcry to raise teacher pay, but they decided to do this by raising taxes. Chair Brownie Newman and Commissioner Amanda Edwards pointed out the irony in having to force some citizens to give up their homes in order to pay teachers enough to become homeowners. Newman also called for a meeting with Asheville City Schools to find out what they are doing with all the money the county gives them.

Montford Park Players’ Twelfth Night: A Celebration of Diversity & Shakespearean Comedy

Celebrate Pride Month with Montford Park Players' Twelfth Night, an immersive and inclusive adaptation that defies bigotry, embraces LGBTQIA+ representation, and offers a free, outdoor theatrical spectacle filled with laughter and love.

Preserving a Legacy: Saving Nina Simone’s Childhood Home

Preservation experts and community leaders gather for an update on the campaign to save Nina Simone's Childhood Home in Tryon, NC, showcasing the ongoing efforts by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Nina Simone Project to preserve the home and celebrate the iconic jazz artist's cultural legacy.

The FairTax Act of 2023 Could Abolish The IRS

Congress will soon vote on the FairTax, a national sales tax plan that would eliminate the IRS, boost the economy, fund national priorities, restore taxpayer freedom, and enhance global competitiveness.

Carolina Mountain Club Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Plan to enjoy yourself with friends for the afternoon of July 16th at The North Carolina Arboretum with ice cream, kids events, a food truck, and bluegrass music as the Carolina Mountain Club celebrates its 100th anniversary.