Treasure Island: An Exciting Adventure!

It’s a story we all know well. Whether your introduction to Treasure Island was through the 1883 novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Muppets film version, or even the Disney animated version, Treasure Planet, chances are this thrilling adventure has been in your life since childhood. For me, seeing it live with my son on […]

Many Local Male Athletes Enjoy ‘Last Hurrahs’

All-state honors, all-star selections and state championships mark the Class of 2023 local male athletes’ achievements.

Glass Artists Create Exhibit Reflecting Geometry of Nature

Artists have recognized the geometry of nature for thousands of years. Using glass as a media 18 artists have produced stunning works of art which reflect the symmetry in all its beauty, majesty and complexity.

Female Stars of 2022-23 Earn Encore Accolades

A magnificent 2022-23 athletic year for Buncombe and Henderson County stars culminated in a statewide all-star performance.

What Research Reveals About COVID-19 Vaccines & Adverse Effects

As new studies come out from around the world, the official story of "safe and effective" looses its shine.

Asheville City Council Puts Money Where Mouth Is

Asheville City Council has been earning a reputation for demanding affordable housing, but then finding reasons to thwart proposals brought before them. This time, when presented with an opportunity to award Land Use Incentive Grants to a developer of micro-apartments, the majority went against staff recommendations and approved the application.

Buncombe County Taxpayers Lose Advocate

Don Yelton, a tireless advocate for Buncombe County taxpayers and a relentless investigator of government corruption, passed away last week, leaving behind a legacy of uncovering wrongdoing and exposing the convictions of county officials such as former County Manager Wanda Greene, who was sentenced to seven years for federal program fraud, tax evasion, and accepting kickbacks.

Growth Shows No Signs Of Letting Up

Despite higher interest rates, the Town of Weaverville is experiencing significant growth, along with the North Buncombe area, and there are no signs of this growth slowing down. According to James Eller, the Weaverville Planning Director, the number of zoning permits issued during the second quarter of this year has increased substantially compared to the […]