Patriots Rebuilding After Losing Senior Quarterback

Madison High kicked off their season with a non-conference away game against Haysville and Polk County. Madison lost both but against a couple of great teams. “The Patriots will take it one game at a time,” said Head Coach James Extine. The Patriots just finished playing North Buncombe Friday night for the “Jug.” The “Jug,” […]

Fireworks And More Discussed At Council Meeting

Four speakers voiced their support for fireworks, and each of them was met with a round of applause by the majority of those in the room after their comment.

Despite Racism, Craig Worked Toward Better State

Locke Craig's connection to Charles B. Aycock from their college days in Chapel Hill forged a significant partnership in the political arena. Their relationship, rooted in shared experiences and ideological alignment, would play a pivotal role in shaping the state's history, particularly in the context of the white supremacy campaign of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Medicaid: Unraveling, Expanding, Delayed

Hundreds of thousands of Medicaid enrollees in North Carolina could lose their benefits as the program reverts to pre-pandemic rules for re-enrollment. This is compounded by Raleigh's approval of Medicaid expansion and failure to pass the budget that will launch it. This has left local governments searching for enrollees and staffing up for significantly greater caseloads, while understaffed and uncertain of when the change will kick in.

Weaverville Car Show Helps Local Area Residents

What happens when you mix a car show with hot dogs, hamburgers, and dedicated workers? For nine years now, this formula has brought the community of Weaverville together and has also strengthened local area community services. Once again, that was the result of this year’s car show sponsored by the Weaverville Lions Club. Eleven winners […]

Public School Library Book Choice: What Are Parents’ Choices?

In a recently published letter, local Rev. Ronald Gates sheds light on a growing concern surrounding explicit and potentially inappropriate material in our schools. Reverend Gates articulately outlines the alarming issues of desensitization and grooming of children through sexual content, accompanied by accusations of complicity in sexually predatory behavior. Highlighting examples from elementary, middle and […]

Seasoned Roberson to ‘Ram’ Rivals

TC. Roberson “returns everybody,” as a rival coach puts it, and its Ramming offense is in gear early on.

Warhorses Look to Stampede Foes

Charles D. Owen High School brings back a bullish runner, and unveils a strong-armed quarterback

Chronically Homeless Will Soon Find Respite at Compass Point Village

Compass Point Village, a Homeward Bound facility for the chronically homeless, is hoping to open this month.

Green ‘Entity’: 3A Rockets are MAC Favorites Again

Is it “Mission Impossible” to control A.C. Reynolds’ version of the all-knowing, all-powerful Entity?