Mountain City Public Montessori Expands to Include Seventh Grade

Mountain City Public Montessori expands to include a seventh-grade program, fulfilling its mission to provide accessible, high-quality Montessori education and fostering a community of lifelong learners.

O’Connell Attempts Run For Seat As Unaffiliated Candidate

O'Connell joins former Democrat and former Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan in a run for a seat on the county commissioners board as unaffiliated candidates.

Rescuers, Customers Report Issues at Site of Worker’s Death

Upon entry, a firefighter "pressed the emergency stop button located just inside the bay door to the left approximately three times. However, the roller towards the entrance continued spinning."

Misguided Washington Policies Endanger North Carolina’s Bioscience Boom

The biotech industry in North Carolina, one of the largest in the nation, is facing challenges due to new drug-pricing policies that inadvertently favor certain medications over others, leading to potential bankruptcy for some companies and limited access to new treatments for patients, highlighting the need for Congress to align drug development with medical science rather than unintended policies.

Controversial Zoning Change Proposal for Therapy Center in Evans Road Community

There has been increasing local discussion surrounding Timberknolls Spirit Cove’s partnering with Kanuga Conferences to change the zoning from Residential to Commercial at a lot on Henderson County’s Evans Road. The plan is to establish a therapy center office and headquarters ranch for Timberknolls Spirit Cove’s “nationwide” operations, which aim to provide animal-assisted therapy to […]

Three Republicans Vie to Challenge Secretary of State Marshall

North Carolina's executive branch consists of 10 independently elected officials, including the secretary of state, with Elaine Marshall currently in office and facing competition from three Republicans in the upcoming election.

Asheville Artists Display New Work

The Upstairs Artspace in Tryon, North Carolina, curated the Off The Wall exhibition showcasing the recent works of Asheville-based artists Suzanne Dittenber and Mark Flowers, featuring Dittenber's pigmented pulp paintings depicting scenes from a local sheep farm and Flowers' urban-inspired mixed-media pieces, while also simultaneously displaying the acrylic portraits collection titled Strangers by South Carolina-based artist Kevin Isgett.

Mill Worker Diaspora

The closure of the Champion Fibre mill in Canton, North Carolina has resulted in 1,100 displaced workers seeking new employment opportunities in a region that is adapting to the decline in print paper demand and the rise of recycling.

Hendersonville Charity Relieves Suffering in Moldova and Ukraine

Ray West, President of Moldova World Children’s Fund, has spent has spent over 25 years building the charity and responding to continual crises, with particular emphasis on helping the children.

Piano And Trumpet Fundraiser

Indulge your senses in an enchanting evening of musical mastery at the upcoming Piano and Trumpet Recital on Friday, February 9th, at 7 pm. The event will take place at the First Baptist Church Weaverville, at 63 North Main St., providing an inviting and acoustically rich setting for an unforgettable performance. Prepare to be captivated […]