Vaccination Intrigue & Outrage

The United States government is hastily pushing citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and booster. 

Town Planning Policy to Push Employees to Vax

Weaverville Town Council workshops on how to push town employees to get vaccinated. 

Annexation, Vaccination Discussed at Meeting

Town looks to use a “carrot and stick” policy to encourage employees to get vaccinated.

Undaunted, COVID Continues to Inconvenience

Hopefully, perhaps unrealistically, the government is paying attention so the next pandemic will not involve a protracted string of changing inconveniences.

Why Are NC Residents Hesitant About Vaccine?

Even in the midst of an increase in COVID cases caused by the Delta variant, North Carolinians are hesitant about getting the vaccin. A survey by QuoteWizard might shed some light on why. According to the survey released Thursday (Aug. 12), there are a number of reasons that only 47 percent of the state’s residents […]

Masks Reveal Parallel Governments

The Tribune received a tip about Constitutional action underway to cause the schoolboard to stop making children wear masks. As it turned out, citizens had been acting on their own authority to try the government. Even more astounding, these de jure grand juries of sovereign citizens who are forming their own parallel governments are proliferating in this country.

Buncombe Commissioners Slow-Walk Distributions

The Buncombe County Commissioners opted to extend the August 31 deadline for awarding ARPA grants. One exception was made to immediately fund Homeward Bound’s Days Inn project.

County, Hospital Disagree on “the Science”

Vaccine-only concerts, $100 cash card incentives, kids’ cartoon characters with swag, chastising HCA Mission’s chief medical officer - what won’t the government do to get people vaccinated?

Biden Doing Victory Lap for Trump’s Vaccine

So congratulations to former President Trump and his team for getting us to where we are today!

Think of Us As GMO-free

I would never discourage anyone from taking the “vaccine,” but what good is a “vaccine” if you still have to mask up even after you take it?