‘Phi Rama Slama’: TCR Blasts into Playoffs

T.C. Roberson unleashes a state championship-caliber volleyball squad of tall athletes in playoffs this week.

Enka Eager to Make Volleyball Playoffs

Volleyball playoffs start next week, with second-ranked T.C. Roberson eager for a state title and quarantined West Henderson as well as North Henderson also poised for title quests.

East Upsets Henderson High, West & TCR Roll

East Henderson varsity volleyballers celebrated Christmas early by knocking off Mountain Six leader Hendersonville Dec. 21 thanks to a 10-0 run in the fifth and deciding set.

Asheville School, ACA Win State Titles

Two Asheville private schools each recently won a 3A state title in women’s athletics. Asheville Christian Academy (ACA) won its 11th volleyball state title all-time, while Asheville School Lady Blues won the tennis team championship.

Pickens Continues to Gain National Recognition

Multi-sport athlete Karlyn Pickens is making an impression on both local and national stages.