Some Heroes Wear Yellow Vests

What do superheroes look like? Have you ever noticed that most superheroes wear a costume or cape? Sometimes that’s so they can be immediately identified. Other times it’s because their costume has super gadgets or tools that help them accomplish the mission they face. First responders, firefighters, police, doctors, nurses, and military members are almost […]

Bullington Gardens Receives Generous Donations for Improvements

A spring and summer full of activities can be found at Bullington Gardens in Hendersonville for all ages to enjoy.

“We Serve” Is Not Just A Motto But A Practice

Joining forces, the Weaverville Lions Club, several area churches, the Weaverville Lowe’s, and Leapfrog Landscaping put the "we serve" motto into practice by removing that stumbling block.

Local Man A Fixture On Weaverville Roads

Longtime residents of the Weaverville area recognize the familiar face, or more likely, the gob of hair sticking out from under a ball cap, walking the roads and streets in the community. Out-of-towners may find his appearance uncommon, but who is he? Who is the man with the ball cap, long hair, and sunglasses who […]

City of Hendersonville Invites Community to Serve on Local Gov’t Boards 

The City of Hendersonville invites community members to participate in local government by serving on a board, committee, or commission. Serving on local government boards is one of the leading ways residents can make a positive impact on the future of Hendersonville. The City Council is accepting applications for a variety of board appointments. Applications […]