Study Tries to Address Worker’s Salaries

A study into the pay of Town of Weaverville’s employees is meant to help the town stay competitive with other municipalities. 

Turmoil Can’t be Good for Faith in Government

I first told the Weaverville Town Council, and then the Woodfin Town Commissioners, in commentaries last year that I’m not a fan of appointing people to the boards close to an election. Weaverville has gotten away with it twice, once with Jeff McKenna and then with John Chase. Woodfin Dilemma And now, Woodfin’s appointment has […]

Water Plant Expansion On Hold, Talks to Begin

Weaverville Town Council puts water plant expansion on hold and is considering making the plant a regional resource.

The Troubled Waters of North Buncombe

With the expansion of the Weaverville Water Plant on hold and allegations about Woodfin Water surfacing, there are troubled waters in the North Buncombe area.

ABC Meeting Centers on COVID Vax Policy

The Weaverville ABC Board met to determine whether to offer employees bonuses for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Is Weaverville’s Water Getting Regionalized?

A Weaverville committee met to reconsider the $13.5 million water plant expansion, Weaverville may make water department a regional authority. 

Town Planning Policy to Push Employees to Vax

Weaverville Town Council workshops on how to push town employees to get vaccinated. 

Annexation, Vaccination Discussed at Meeting

Town looks to use a “carrot and stick” policy to encourage employees to get vaccinated.

Weaverville Expands Online Meetings

Weaverville Town Council goes online to allow more excess to their meetings 

Weaverville Christmas Parade Returns

Decades long running Christmas parade tradition was in full swing basking in in a sunny Weaverville afternoon.