Weaverville’s Storm Water Woes

At last month’s Weaverville Town Council meeting, the board heard just how much work there is to become compliant with the MS4 Stormwater Compliance Program. 

Town looks to Expand Council, Mayor’s Powers

Weaverville Town Council met for its last time in 2020 on Monday (December 21), and with that meeting, set about to expand the board’s members.

Another Look at Old Annexation Agreement

In the Weaverville Town Council meeting of Nov. 23rd the board discussed annexation. The subject has not been an issue since the NC State Legislature took away towns' and cities' ability to involuntarily annex property outside their limits in 2012.

Town Talks Annexation, Gives Pay-raises

Highlights of the November Weaverville Town Council on Nov. 23rd included an annexation agreement with Woodfin and a pay increase for town employees, but the town had other business too.

Fundraising Helps New Community Center

The new community center at Lake Louise is under a roof and well on its way to completion, according to Weaverville Town Manager.

Council approves water extension for new business center among other items

In their Monday meeting (Aug 24) the Weaverville Town Council voted to supply water to two developments among other business conducted by the board.

Weaverville passes ADA transition plan

The Town of Weaverville passed the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) transition plan last Monday evening (June 22) at the town council meeting to increase physical accessibility to municipal facilities, programs, activities, and services. 

Town votes to let county collect taxes, passes $7.24M budget

The Weaverville Town Council voted to pass a $7.24 million budget for 2020-2021 with a property tax rate of 38 cents per $100 of evaluation.