Weaverville Getting New Electrical Substation

A conditional use permit for Duke Energy electrical substation was approved.

Like Fine Wines, Town Centers Develop Over Time

Woodfin citizens look to build a town center.

Making Town More Bike/Pedestrian-Friendly

Weaverville City Council plans to make the town more bike & pedestrian-friendly.

Softball Lady Hawks Clobber AC, TC

North Buncombe decisively beat two softball rivals early into this new season.

Man Credits Life to Good Samaritan

Dwight Chandler believes that if it hadn’t been for the “good Lord” and a good samaritan, he wouldn’t be here now.

A Decade-Long Project Comes to an End

A 10 year old project started by the Weaverville Public Works Department has come to the end with the replacement of all its manual read water meters with radio read meters saving the town time and money.

When the Foundations are Destroyed

A look at what is destroying our country from a spiritual perspective and what can be done about it.

Mercy Urgent Care Expands Operating Hours

Mercy Urgent Care is expanding operating hours at its locations throughout Western North Carolina. These new hours will go into effect on Sunday, Feb. 27. 

Study Tries to Address Worker’s Salaries

A study into the pay of Town of Weaverville’s employees is meant to help the town stay competitive with other municipalities. 

Former Chief Returns to See Display at Museum

Former Weaverville Police Chief Greg Stephens stops by the Dry Ridge Museum to view a display of his time as chief of police in Weaverville.