Woodfin Approves More Than $8 Million Budget

Woodfin Commissioners approved a more than $8 million budget for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. More than a 17 percent increase over their current budget.

Lack of Knowledge Can Make You Look Stupid

Some of the public who spoke at the Woodfin Board of Commissioners meeting lacked knowledge about the general proceedings of the town.

New Faces in Town Governments

Both Weaverville and Woodfin elections resulted in an influx of new faces in local government.

A Post-Election Epilogue

Let’s be honest, Buncombe County is filling up and south Asheville is definitely nearing capacity.

Woodfin Appoints Member Days Before Election

Just days before the election, Woodfin fills an empty commissioner’s seat with an appointed member.

Woodfin Looking to Correct ‘Misstep’ on Zoning

Woodfin’s recent zoning ordinance is found to be null and void.

Field of Buncombe Candidates Set

Thomas Veasey’s last-minute filing upset the other Weaverville Town Council candidates’ plans.

Budget Leaves Tax Rate Same, So Taxes Going up Almost 10%

The Woodfin Board of Commissioners discussed the upcoming year’s budget.

Changes to Woodfin brush collection

At the last Woodfin Board of Commissioners meeting, Woodfin Administrator Eric Hardy told the board that the town’s public works department was working overtime to catch up with brush collection.

Town votes to seek $2M in grants to help water district

Tuesday evening (August 18), the Woodfin Board of Commissioners at their regular monthly meeting heard from members of McGill & Associates on the possibility of a $2 million grant to extend water lines for the Woodfin Water System. Keith Webb, McGill’s vice-president, told the board his group had found a state community development block grant […]