Like Fine Wines, Town Centers Develop Over Time

Woodfin citizens look to build a town center.

Town Looking for Input on a “Town Center”

Woodfin seeks guidance in developing it's plan for a new "town center."

Woodfin Opening New Silver-Line Park

Woodfin’s long-awaited Silver-Line park is opening this month with a celebration on April 21.

Town’s New Tools Online for Residents

The Town of Woodfin made it easier to report code infractions and apply for permits with new tools online.

Tuch Takes Top Job In Woodfin

A City of Asheville planner has been chosen as Woodfin’s Town Adminstrator. She starts this month.

Who’s Behind Lawsuit Leading to Commissioner Dismissal?

Who was behind the lawsuit that led to the dismissal of a Woodfin commissioner from the board? The Tribune takes a closer look.

Woodfin Developers Encounter Recurring Zoning Issues

The Town of Woodfin hoped to have its zoning issues for developers behind them by now. The latest meeting shows there are still cracks in the town ordinances.

Decorated Veteran Seeking Cawthorn’s Seat

Fresh out of the military, Honeycutt hopes to make his next move to Congress to help govern in the country he’s been protecting.

The Troubled Waters of North Buncombe

With the expansion of the Weaverville Water Plant on hold and allegations about Woodfin Water surfacing, there are troubled waters in the North Buncombe area.

Woodfin Losing Another Longtime Commissioner

Four Woodfin Town Commissioners have either been voted out or offered their resignation in the past few months.