Short-Term Rentals Take Center Stage at Woodfin Meeting

Residents and non-residents, both for and against short-term rentals, packed the Woodfin Town Council meeting this month.

Turning Tragedy into a Tribute

The Hunt family has been chosen by Woodfin to have the coming whitewater feature named in honor of their son, Taylor.

Councilman Addressing Removal of Invocation by Quoting Jesus

Last week, the Tribune offered Woodfin Councilman Jim McAllister a guest commentary spot to back up his statement at the August council meeting, which he used to justify removing the meeting’s invocation. The invocation had been part of the meeting since the town was formed in 1971. McAllister said at the meeting he was “surprised […]

Woodfin: A Rewriting of Town’s History and Erasing Traditions

This week I have two opinion pieces for our readers. Both stem from the Town of Woodfin’s monthly meeting of what is now their town council. Here they are: Rewriting the Town’s History For the second time in two years, Woodfin’s main governing body has changed its name. For the full story, see the article […]

Hotel Remains Unfinished, Supply Chain Issues Says Owner

People are wondering why a hotel project in Woodfin is still ongoing after five years of construction. The owner says it problems getting materials.

Pickleball Pilot Program Comes to Woodfin

Pickleball's popularity continues as Woodfin residents give it a go.

Like Fine Wines, Town Centers Develop Over Time

Woodfin citizens look to build a town center.

Town Looking for Input on a “Town Center”

Woodfin seeks guidance in developing it's plan for a new "town center."

Woodfin Opening New Silver-Line Park

Woodfin’s long-awaited Silver-Line park is opening this month with a celebration on April 21.

Town’s New Tools Online for Residents

The Town of Woodfin made it easier to report code infractions and apply for permits with new tools online.