Woodfin Getting $1.9m in Pandemic Relief

Woodfin is scheduled to receive COVID-19 relief funding from Washington.

Developer Makes Concessions, Details Bankruptcy

The Tribune spoke with the developer of The Bluffs development in Woodfin about backlash of the project.

Ammons Named Officer of the Year

Woodfin Police Department selected its 2020 officer of the year.

Bluffs Not On Agenda, But Here’s What Was

The Bluffs project was nowhere to be found on the meeting agenda, but several remarks were taken on the issue during public comment. 

One Man’s Concerns over 1,500-unit Project

A resident of a Woodfin neighborhood voices his concerns about the proposed Richmond Hill development.

Organic Bakery Opens in Woodfin

An organic bakery has opened near Beaver Lake that offers pastries, bread and hot drinks.

Developer Clears-Up Perceptions About Project

The developer of a half-billion-dollar project in Woodfin says there are still misconceptions surrounding the development he and his investors are proposing. 

Another Look at Old Annexation Agreement

In the Weaverville Town Council meeting of Nov. 23rd the board discussed annexation. The subject has not been an issue since the NC State Legislature took away towns' and cities' ability to involuntarily annex property outside their limits in 2012.

Town Talks Annexation, Gives Pay-raises

Highlights of the November Weaverville Town Council on Nov. 23rd included an annexation agreement with Woodfin and a pay increase for town employees, but the town had other business too.

Fire Will Set $15M Project’s End Date Back

An afternoon fire on Tuesday (November 10) at the Metropolitan Sewage District Treatment plant in Woodfin drew more than 25 fire departments from 5 counties. It also set back a $15 million project’s end by months.