Council Discusses Transportation Freedom

A discussion about creating bike plus lanes on major corridors downtown raised questions about safety, travel and emergency response times, accommodation for the elderly and disabled, and whose should have more freedom than others.

Department Moves Toward Non-Fossil Fuel Vehicles

The Weaverville Police Department consistently evaluates the current and future needs of both the police department and the town. When it comes to the patrol fleet, they take various factors into account, including usage, budget considerations, operational efficiency, and alignment with the town’s goals. Several years ago, a decision was made to transition the patrol […]

“Salt Face Mule” Comes to Town

Salt Face Mule Brewery and restaurant in Woodfin offers a mouthwatering menu of Southern Appalachian comfort food, along with a fun mini golf course for community fundraisers.

Reynolds Wraps Up Asheville 28-14; TCR Awaits Both

A.C. Reynolds won its initial conference title test with a convincing MAC road triumph.

An Exhibit of The Legacy of Weaving at Black Mountain College

The exhibition, Weaving at Black Mountain College: Anni Albers, Trude Guermonprez, and Their Students, just opened in downtown Asheville at the BMC Museum on College Street. It celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Black Mountain College which had its campus in the 1930's, '40's and early '50's near Lake Eden.

50th Anniversary Production of Medieval Drama “The Lion in Winter”

Director Michael Lee McKinney returns to the stage after 50 years since his first appearance in the play.

Radium Girls & Good Ol Girls – Women Making a Difference

Two very different plays, both offering us an entertaining insight into the plight of women.

Town Gets $15M From State For Expansion

The state budget has allocated $15 million to support the water plant expansion project in Weaverville, marking one of the significant announcements. Additionally, a 586-unit development is seeking annexation into the town, presenting another noteworthy development.

Council Views Options for Civic Center

Asheville City Council was told it was time to fix the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in the Civic Center. City councils have been kicking the can down the road for over 30 years. Now, annual repairs average over $262,000, and ongoing limited-capacity operations are expected. Scenarios ranged from doing nothing to creating a spectacular Broadway venue for just under $200 million.

Soccer Rockets Shut Out Archrival Rams 2-0

A.C. Reynolds drew first blood in this area’s most prolific and intense soccer rivalry, beating its arch rival on the road.