Finished Look Reveals 238-unit Project

People wondering precisely what the development at Monticello Road and 25/70 is going to look like - wonder no more.

Bluffs Not On Agenda, But Here’s What Was

The Bluffs project was nowhere to be found on the meeting agenda, but several remarks were taken on the issue during public comment. 

County Plans for Future Waste

Buncombe County’s Solid Waste Director Dane Pedersen said operators of bioreactors, like the one at the Alexander landfill, are finding it more difficult to sell the electricity they generate to major utilities. So, a search is on for another way to keep Buncombe’s methane out of the atmosphere.

Make No Mistake, Rams are Legit Contenders

T.C. Roberson is a legitimate WMAC title contender with its star quarterback and main receiver.

Remembering Weaverville’s former Mayor

Former Weaverville Mayor Mary “Bett” Speir Stroud, 75, passed away on Sunday, February 14, at Elderberry Health Care in Marshall, N.C.

Cougars to Rerun Success Formula

Asheville Cougars have a new head coach, a veteran offensive line and will run the ball more — as they did in their glory years.

Erwin Brings in Korey Griffith at QB

Erwin has a veteran QB in as a transfer, and reloads for another strong season.Erwin has a veteran QB in as a transfer, and reloads for another strong season.

Rockets Reload & Aim Again for Titles

A.C. Reynolds is again the WMAC frontrunner, reloading a young squad around a pair of superstars.

‘Great Scott!’ Dynamic QB Leads Owen

Caleb Scott is a fiery QB leading resurgent Owen. 

Warhorses Stampede into Encore Season

Charles D. Owen is making that “D” stand for Dynamite.