Christ School vs. Asheville School: The Football Rivalry Continues

Christ School's Greenies dominate in the historic football rivalry against Asheville School, securing a remarkable 20-7 victory and extending their winning streak to twelve consecutive years, rekindling the exhilarating spirit of competition, community pride, and gridiron glory.

Was It A Battle Or Just An Engagement?

In the annals of Western North Carolina's Civil War history, April 3, 1865, stands as a day of tension and turmoil, as Colonel Isaac M. Kirby, at the helm of the 101st Ohio Infantry, received orders to embark on a critical mission - to scout the enigmatic terrain in the direction of Asheville

Cosmic Cappuccino

Introducing the Tribune's weekly Zodiac review.

Black Mountain Home for Children Celebrates Centennial with Fall Festival

Saturday, October 14, Black Mountain Home for Children and Youth will be celebrating their Fall Festival with a concert by renowned Christian artists Shane and Shane, and celebrity guests Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

September Is Emergency Preparedness Month

Asheville City Council declared September Emergency Preparedness Month, and to celebrate, they're offering tips each week on their website.

Celebrating Eight Decades of Life With Sally Smith

Asked if there was a secret to living to 80, Smith said, hike whenever you can and spend time with good friends.

Dominant TCR Blanks All League Foes in Volleyball

The electricity on the court was not AC-DC but AC-TC, as T.C. Roberson beat rival A.C. Reynolds in three straight sets.

Huckabee, Gabbard, Pirro, & More Highlight NC Salt & Light Conference

“This is not about democrats. This is not about republicans. This is about saving our Country,” and, “I am NOT co-parenting with the government,” were the sentiments of several of the distinguished speakers at the Salt & Light Conference in Marion, N.C.

Bountiful Harvest: Celebrating Henderson County’s Apple Legacy & Honoring its Growers

Apples are one of the most important agricultural crops grown in Henderson County, with 91 active growers producing an estimated million bushels annually. Eighty percent (80%) of this state’s apple supply are from Henderson County with an average income of $30 million. North Carolina is considered the 7th largest producer of apples in the United […]

West Evens Score With NHHS in Volleyball

West Henderson returned the favor of winning a five-set thriller, to move past its local arch rival into first place.