Hunting Turkeys Has Moments of Excitement

They say in flying there are hours of boredom punctuated by moments of excitement. I guess the same can be said about turkey hunting. The season ends May 8th. Hope everyone gets to fill their tags. I’ll try.

NDO Pushed Through, Without a Real Conversation

Beach-Ferrara listed many harassments which most seem like they could be addressed by laws already on the books.

Asheville Council Slammed for Removing Homeless Camps

The City of Asheville is in the process of removing encampments on city-owned lands and assisting the displaced in rebuilding their lives, but activists are not pleased.

Shaping Dialogue, Making Headlines

The city announced success in hooking six campers up with tools to get them back on their feet. Six others, who were camping in protest and not out of necessity, refused follow police orders to vacate.

Skyland Fire Dept. Financially Thriving, But…

The Skyland Fire Department has had financial troubles for years but things have improved. Why?

Magnetic’s Outdoor Play Runs May 1-16

Magnetic Theatre is back in gear, with an original outdoor play that is character-driven examining inner & external challenges.

Sen Edwards Sponsoring Bills Despite Opposition

Senator Chuck Edwards is actively sponsoring two bills despite statewide political opposition.

Scouts Honor Lion’s Club Partnership

The Leicester Scouts honored a local philanthropic club for their generous partnership.

Bearcats Hunt Down the Bears, Host Lions Friday

Hendersonville faces reigning state champ Shelby Golden Lions, after shooting down Bunker Hill in round one.

Online Series Explores WNC’s Past

A local museum is offering a series on the region’s history.