‘Citizens for Reparation’ stir council into action

Citizen comment on Asheville City Council’s resolution to support reparations for slavery passed during Tuesday’s July 14 online meeting was overwhelming and unanimous in favor of said reparations.

Stop the Southern COVID19 Surge Cover-up

Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina have recently been hit with a resurgence of Covid19 cases.

Asheville’s latest response to protesters

A resolution scheduled for adoption by Asheville City Council June 14 stated that slavery, forced segregation, and destruction of functional minority communities in the name of urban renewal are wrong.

Blue eggs, loving care distinguishes the fruitland Farmstead

Fruitland Farmstead owners Mark and Lauren Kaisoglus are joyously enjoying farm living after shedding city life and livening the Hendersonville Farmers Market with unusual blue eggs and a hen cam.

What happened to the flags at the Weaverville Post Office?

Rumors of the American Flag and the POW flag being stolen from the Weaverville Post Office are not true.

Brookstone holds community park grand opening

A Sunday evening (June 28) celebration marked the opening of Brookstone Park.

Academic calendar set for UNC System includes in person classes

The university system of UNC has set its academic calendar.  Much to the joy of many, students will be allowed to have in-person classes this fall at campuses throughout the state.

Amber Reece-Young named school administrator of the year

The Henderson County Health Department is proud to announce that Amber Reece-Young, RN, BSN, NCSN has been named the School Nurse Administrator of the Year

‘Panic porn’ in media’s Coronavirus reporting

“The media have managed to indoctrinate people into thinking that infection with CV19 = death. They know they’ve done it and we’re gullible to fall for this.”

At some point, discussions about managing the COVID debt should begin

It was an Archimedean wager. Provided COVID-19 was not created in the lab, nobody knew if it was containable.