NC State Treasurer Held Hearing on Medical Debt De-Weaponization Act

According to the new report, "North Carolina’s seven largest hospital systems recorded $7.1 billion growth in cash and financial investments from 2019 to 2021 — reaped $5.2 billion in net profits in 2021, and all but one even enjoyed higher net profits than before the pandemic."

Papaioannou Soaring as New Eagle Scout

Ryan Papaioannou achieves what only only 4% of the Scouts go on to do: making Eagle Scout.

Test Scores Improve as Students Return to In-Person Classes

New test results show that public school students in North Carolina are improving learning outcomes since returning to in-classroom instruction, but progress is still needed to reach pre-pandemic levels of achievement. Released by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction on Sept. 1, the new results are the first since the 2018-2019 school year to feature […]

Volleyball: West Beats Reynolds

Neighboring county powers collided as West Henderson swept A.C. Reynolds in volleyball.

Erwin Warriors Scalped by Tuscola Mountaineers

The Erwin Warriors' hopes of improving their record with a win against the Tuscola Mountaineers were destroyed Friday night.

Roberson, West Prevail; AC, AHS, HHS, Enka Roll

Jets and Rockets blasted foes, while Falcons out-clawed the Wolverines in week three.

Town Presents Preliminary Water Plan of Action

Weaverville rolled out more details about its steps for the future of its water system. At least one group doesn't like it and is threatening to sue.

Asheville Pours $7.6M in Subsidies for Affordable Projects

Asheville City Council essentially approved $7.6 million in subsidies for two projects that will create 265-275 units of affordable housing.

Good Reasons to Sleep

Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker, is an eye-opening overview of how getting anything less than 7-9 hours of sleep subjects the body and mind to wear and tear, diminishing performance capabilities, reducing intellectual and emotional intelligence, and making the body more susceptible to almost every physical malady.

Despite Earlier Hardships, Apple Farmers Celebrate This Year’s Crop

The 2022 apple crop brings hope back to the farmers , who have had to deal with hard frosts badly damaging their trees for the last two years.