Cawthorn Announces Service Academy Nominations

Representative Cawthorn honored local students who have been nominated to a service academy.

Asheville Board of Adjustment, Working 9-9

In a routine update, Martin Moore, chair of the board of adjustment, informed the Buncombe County Commissioners that, after signing up for 2.5 hours a month, the board of volunteers was now enduring multiple monthly meetings, some lasting more than nine hours.

Senator Chuck Edwards- Updates from Raleigh

State Senator Chuck Edwards writes about his opportunity to improve the state’s election laws.

Motel To Become Apartments For Homeless

Homeward Bound is converting a Tunnel Road Days Inn to 85 apartments for the homeless.

Sliding Into 2021

Marshall Scouts re-unite to snowboard, ski at Wolf Laurel after 2020 Year of COVID-19

Weaving Past into Present

Madison County students learn Peruvian weaving skills at MMS art class

Red Cross Requests Blood Drive Space

There have been no reported cases of people getting SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from a blood transfusion.

Developer Clears-Up Perceptions About Project

The developer of a half-billion-dollar project in Woodfin says there are still misconceptions surrounding the development he and his investors are proposing. 

Follow-Up Questions on the LGBTQ Ordinance

The Tribune asked the Weaverville Town Council follow-up questions on the proposed LGBTQ ordinance.

The Death of Intellectual Honesty Part II — The Racial Side

For the first time in my life (admittedly a short one compared to others; mine began in 1957), we receive alleged facts and statistics that are almost exclusively biased from sources that formerly were relatively trusted.