Board Member Throws Hearing into Limbo

Board member speaks out of turn about her position regarding development project, sending meeting into disarray.

Sports Bar Opens in Reynold’s Mountain

The Village Porch is the region’s newest brews and ballgames spot.

Council Can’t Control Its Wish List

At their retreat, members of Asheville City Council had difficulty whittling their expansive list of ambitions down to a package that was economically and technically feasible for staff to complete.

Alternative Offered to Charlotte St Development

Methvin and Dyer presented a new architectural plan as an alternative to the Killians and RCG plans for 100 block on Charlotte Street.

Black Hawks Shot Down by Rockets

AC Reynolds crushed North Buncombe by nearly 30 points.

ACR-AHS Battle: Drama, Defense, Dynasty

Reynolds faced off against historic arch-rival Asheville.

Press Forsakes First Amendment Obligation

So is it just me, or does it appear that the media covers Biden differently than they cover Trump?

New Massage & Health Center in Mars Hill

A new full service health center has opened providing a fusion of Western and Eastern approaches to wellness.

Commissioners: Need More Data on School Closure

The Buncombe County Commissioners mirrored dissatisfaction in their constituency over the management of Asheville City Schools (ACS). A lot of the dissatisfaction appears to have stemmed from a surprise announcement of the intent to close the Asheville Primary School.

Moving Forward with Non-Discrimination Laws

Citizens are invited to review Buncombe County’s proposed non-discrimination ordinance to make sure provisions, like unisex shared facilities, do not adversely impact their business or religious practices.