ROAR Response to County’s Pro-Law Resolution

An interest group issued a statement of disapproval of the Madison County Sheriff’s recent hiring of a fired APD officer.

There’s No Middle Ground

Martin Luther King’s dream of a color-blind society is now called racist and replaced by Critical Race Theory. In our modern world,  it increasingly seems you’re now racist just based on the color of your skin.

Commissioners Unveil Racial Equity Action Plan

Buncombe County’s new Racial Equity Action Plan introduces directives to recruit more employees of color.

Brevard Music Center Opens for Summer Festival

Maestro Keith Lockhart is featuring  Beethoven to celebrate this summer’s many events with celebrated musical performers.

New Fire Truck Gets Traditional ‘Push-In’

Hendersonville’s new fire truck got a ceremonial welcome as nearly 50 firefighters did a “push-in” to back the vehicle into a station bay on a sunny day.

What Freedom Means to Kids

“In some places without freedom, girls aren’t allowed to go to school,” says Haley, age 8. “The only people I can think of who would like that are the boys! Boys in our class torture us!” One time I asked a girl about the same age as Haley why God created boys. “So you could […]

Woodfin Town Council Approves 2022 Budget

The Woodfin Town Council green-lit traffic signs, property taxes and the budget.

Black Entrepreneurs Celebrate on Depot Street

Black businesses and entrepreneurs celebrate Juneteenth with a wide array of activities.

Critical Race Theory: Unchecked Social Justice

Exploring the poisoned chalice of Critical Race Theory.

Grant to Help With Local’s ‘Smithing’ Education

A North Buncombe student was awarded a scholarship to pursue a blacksmith education.