Why Hopkins’ Covid Death Report Rattles Med Community

Data analyses suggests tha the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on total deaths in the United States. A Johns Hopkins analysis has attracted national attention with its conclusion that the overall deaths in the U.S., when compared to prior years, did not increase significantly despite […]

Accepting the Greatest Christmas Gift

In heaven, Jesus had the deserved honor and glory of myriads of angelic hosts, yet he entered this world in the humblest of circumstances. No trumpets sounded that night in Bethlehem when God the Son took on flesh as a vulnerable baby.

Another Look at Old Annexation Agreement

In the Weaverville Town Council meeting of Nov. 23rd the board discussed annexation. The subject has not been an issue since the NC State Legislature took away towns' and cities' ability to involuntarily annex property outside their limits in 2012.

K-9 Handler Resigns, New One Chosen

Woodfin Officer Michael Owenby, the Woodfin Police Department's K-9 handler, has resigned from law enforcement.

Historic Enka Clock Tower Safe from Demolition

The Preservation Society of Asheville & Buncombe County started a petition in November to prevent the destruction of the 92 year old Enka Clock Tower, when they heard that the Samet Corporation sought a permit to demolish the tower as part of their new development project in the area.

A New Take on an Old Tradition

One local church is making spirits bright with a new take on an old tradition.

Shooting Raises Security at Local Schools

On the heels of a very rare shooting in a local school, Henderson County Public Schools officials are grateful for the quick response to halt the incident but are looking at how to further enhance school security.

Town Talks Annexation, Gives Pay-raises

Highlights of the November Weaverville Town Council on Nov. 23rd included an annexation agreement with Woodfin and a pay increase for town employees, but the town had other business too.

Historical All-Women Council Bring Wealth of Accomplishment

Asheville is now an “historic all-woman city council,” and “an all-first in the State of North Carolina.” Three of the women are also people of color.

COVID Costs Unsearchable & Unfathomable

The complete tally of damages being caused by COVID-19 is yet to be determined. In addition to the increasing infection and death counts, individuals in the best of health have found themselves without a job and soon unable to pay rent.