Woodfin New Home to Fermented Food Biz

Woodfin is the new home of Fermenti Foods which supplies area shoppers with fermented foods that are good and good for you.

Successful Fund Drive at Woodfin School

Several years of fundraising have culminated in a big moment for Woodfin Elementary. Recently, the students and staff held a groundbreaking ceremony to note the beginning of construction on their brand-new playground.Several years ago, donors in the community rallied around Woodfin to support the school with various fundraising projects. This led to a conversation about […]

Buncombe County Bonds? This is What I was Talking About

A few months ago, I wrote a commentary against supporting the bonds for Buncombe County, which were up for a vote in the November election. Apparently, a majority did not agree with my position, since both bond referendums passed by comfortable margins. The Open Spaces Bond of $30 million was the more popular of the […]

Cato Coaches Gov’t on Job Creation

It is not unusual for government bodies to work at cross-purposes, as they promise all things to all people. The Cato Institute is gradually uploading a book that they hope will provide guidance to government leaders interested in going beyond rhetoric to address the role of government in stifling meaningful employment opportunities. 

Can Government Really Know Best?

Does the fault lay in leaders' inability to see the limitations of their knowledge or in their constituents' hesitancy to call their bluff? F.A. Hayek explores these phenomena in a treatise to debunk socialism.

Deck the Trees Fundraiser Helps Neighbors Stay Warm

Throughout Swannanoa Valley, Christmas trees are being decorated to help raise money for the Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry's Fuel Fund. As you help those in need, you are also partaking in the Christian spirit of giving at Christmas.

ServisFirst Bank Has New Home in WNC, and Growing

ServisFirst showing impressive growth and expansion in their first four months in WNC.

North Buncombe Man’s Connection with “The Killer”

Eddie DeBruhl played bass for four years for rock-n-roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis, nicknamed "The Killer." DeBruhl recounts some of his early years in this article.

Owen Wins Soccer Title, Kendall Reaches 50 Goals

The Warhorses stampeded their foes in a high-scoring semifinal match, then won the state crown by 1-0 in a dramatic shootout.

Bad Weather Halts for Annual Christmas Parade

The bad rainy weather broke just long enough Saturday (Dec. 3) to hold the annual Weaverville Christmas Parade. About 90-plus entries to the parade braved what looked like cool, rainy weather to come out and prepare for the annual event. Still, the weather cleared up long enough for participants and parade spectators to enjoy the […]