Weekly Digest

S&W Market Modernizes a ‘20s Historic Building

The nephew’s of the architect historic S&W building in downtown Asheville reimagined the space as a trendy food and drink hall.

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Local Named Clinician for 73rd NCCA Clinic

A local cross country coach was honored nationally.

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Forgotten Places: Barnard in Madison County

Named for Job Barnard, Barnard County’s remote area dates back to 1830.

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Bearfootin’ Bears are Out in Full Force

Hendersonville’s famous bears are looking for bidders.

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Skyland FD Reveals 400k+ than Previous Report

The Skyland Fire Department has been in a whirlwind of financial trouble over the past few years. 

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You Heard the Pros, Here’s Some Cons: Pre-K

In many high-dollar decisions being made by local government, the public is presented with only one side of the argument. While government is away on summer vacation, these commentaries will at least scrape the surface of the other side.

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