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Henderson County Democratic Party Files Complaint Against Congressman Chuck Edwards

U.S. Rep. Chuck Edwards. Photo Provided.

Hendersonville – The Henderson County Democratic Party has taken action by filing a complaint against 11th District Congressman Chuck Edwards, alleging violations of federal law related to a recent mailer that was distributed across the 11th Congressional District. The complaint asserts that the mailer, titled “Crime is out of control in Asheville,” politicized taxpayer-funded communications and disparaged political parties, both in violation of federal regulations.

According to Leslie Carey, Chair of the Henderson County Democratic Party, the mailer in question was misleading and hyper-partisan, targeting Asheville and criticizing its mayor and city council, many of whom are Democrats. The complaint, filed with the House of Representatives Communications Standards Commission, points to Edwards’ history of attacking Democratic elected officials in Asheville and Buncombe County, including the mayor, city councilors, and Sheriff Quentin Miller. Carey emphasized the importance of not using taxpayer money for disparaging political purposes.

The mailer, sent under the “franking privilege” available to Members of Congress, is intended for communications regarding official Congressional business, with postage costs covered by taxpayers. However, if a mailer breaches established rules, the Representative may face sanctions. Publicly available data on the House of Representatives website reveals that in 2023, Edwards surpassed other members of the North Carolina delegation in mass mailings, newsletters, alerts, social media posts, and robo calls, ranking third in the entire Congress behind Representatives Bob Good (R-VA) and Zachary Nunn (R-IA).

Carey highlighted the contrast between Edwards’ criticism of constituents receiving government aid as socialists and his acceptance of over $1 million in Covid relief funds for his restaurants in 2020. Expressing concerns over Edwards shifting the burden of attack mailers onto taxpayers, Carey stressed the need for accountability. As the complaint progresses, the actions of Congressman Edwards will be closely monitored by the Henderson County Democratic Party.